Who Are we?

Our Mission

Provide customers with an unparalleled logistics transaction experience  through our focus on Safety, Reliability and Highly Competitive Rates

We know that a good customer experience is hard to find in the world these days because everyone seems to be in a hurry.  While we can’t slow the world down, we can make it more efficient, effective, and pleasurable by providing easy bookings, easy payments, easy deliveries and reliable services.

Changing Expectations

Instant Safe Trucking is striving to change the perception of brokerage companies

  • Our Business Model - Changing broker perception by being reliable, paying quickly and drastically reducing fees.
  • Customer Focused - Providing support by being available 24/7 to fulfill your requirements and reduce overhead costs.
  • Instant Trucking - Unlike our competition, we're focused on providing our reliable carriers where you need them.

Our Core Values

When IST started, we asked ourselves what would we want from a freight brokering company and this is the backbone of who we are:

  • Integrity - IST's strong morals and principals keep us doing what is right, while bridging the gap between our carriers and shippers.
  • Responsibility - It is our obligation to provide competitive pricing while maintaining the highest level of safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility - We understand that things happen but we are capable of overcoming obstacles so you can focus on what's important.